Dear Colleague,

EU-SOLAR Plc. provides assistance in the authorization process of Growatt inverters. As a solution we have prepared a design assistance package.

The design assistance package contains the following items:

  • sample documents for authorization
  • pre-drawn one-line drawings of PV systems in AutoCad
  • easy and quick roof installation drawings
  • inverter certifications
  • measurement records (eg.: RCD, EMC)
  • easier troubleshooting
  • solution for thin film PV modules


Design is not a simple process, some aspects are difficult to understand. If you require a design, we will be happy to undertake it for you, which we accomplish within a short timeframe and take full responsibility for.

You can access our design guide by registration. Thank you for your interest in our products.

Disclaimer: The information contained in the Designer's Guide package may be used freely. The only condition for the free use of the templates is that the source shall be indicated on the design sheets. Please appreciate our efforts to provide designers with the most complete product support possible!

Adequate interest and constructive feedback are essential to further develop our product support system. When you recommend a product, please always download the latest version from the website and do not pass on files that have already been downloaded. We welcome your feedback regarding our design support at our contact details!

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